10 Free Online Tools for Bible Study

If there is one thing my student loans tell me it is this: studying Theology can be expensive.

Commentary sets are hundreds of dollars. Bible Software can be well over $1,000. If you are like me, there are more books and reference works than there are dollars in my bank account.

You make think, if only there were solid, biblical resources for free. Thanks to the internet, such resources do exist!

However, many people are unaware of their existence or how to find them. Below is a list of online resources that I have found helpful in my personal study of Theology.


Bible Hub: The best feature of this website in my opinion is the commentaries and layout of the website.

Christianity Bible Commentaries: This site contains classic commentaries of respected Christians from the past.

Study of Hebrew and Greek:

Blue Letter Bible: This website and app is the one I use the most. The Interlinear tool allows you to look up the definition of Hebrew and Greek words as well as parse verbs in the original languages.

Step Bible: The STEP (Scripture Tools for Every Person) Bible has many great tools including a Hebrew and Greek Interlinear. But my favorite feature of the STEP Bible is the fact that all you have to do is hover over a word to look it up in its original language.


Bible Study Tools: This site also has many features, including some informative theological dictionaries.

Holman Bible Dictionary: This is a recent Bible dictionary that provides valuable insight.

Online Study Bibles:

World Wide Study Bible: The World Wide Study Bible has several commentaries including older ones from John Calvin to John Wesley. It also has an excellent search feature.

NET Bible: A free study Bible with scholarly notes containing important details about the text.

Questions about Theology:

Got Questions?: This website answers almost any question you could possibly have about Theology! It is organized topically and even has recommended books for further insight into the topic you are studying.

258 Questions About Theology: This is the resource that I can say has helped me the most in studying Theology. When I was in high school my faith came into question and I realized that I had not studied the Bible for myself. I found these videos from the Theology Program which dive into the deeper issues of Theology. It is as close to a free online seminary as you can get!

I hope some of these resources will help you in your future study of Theology.

Let me know in the comments if there are any other resources that you would add to my list!




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