The Resurrection is No Fool’s Errand (Links)

I write for the ministry of A Clear Lens where our goal is to “transform your Christian faith into effective communication.” On the site and through the podcast, our team provides content on theology, apologetics, worldview, and how to engage nonbelievers with the Gospel. 

As Easter falls on April 1st this year, you know that skeptics are going to use this opportunity to cast doubt on the Resurrection. So I thought it would be helpful to list out all of the blog posts on A Clear Lens that discuss the reasons for believing in Jesus’ Resurrection.

I hope they are an encouragement to your faith!

Is the Resurrection of Jesus Believable? Is This Question a Waste of Time?
Guest post by Bible and Worldview Instructor Mike Williams on why the historicity of the Resurrection is a question worth pursuing.

Does the Old Testament Predict Jesus’ Resurrection?
I discuss the possible passages in the Old Testament that foretold Jesus’ Resurrection.

5 Facts for a Reasonable Resurrection
Nate Sala walks through the Minimal Facts Approach to the Resurrection.

Minimizing the Minimal Facts of the Resurrection
An argument for the Resurrection using just two of the Minimal Facts.

Q&A: Are There Extra-Biblical Sources for the Resurrection of Jesus?
Roger Browning answers an objection from a skeptic and discusses all of the historical sources that we have for the Resurrection.

6 Signs of Historical Reliability in the Resurrection Accounts
I use 6 “Indications of Authenticity” that NT scholars use to show that the Resurrection accounts pass the historical test.

Dismantling Alleged Discrepancies – Part 4: The Resurrection
Gene Gosewehr successfully shows how the Gospel authors don’t contradict one another in their reports of the Resurrection.

Losing Jesus in Easter
Lastly, Alex Aili encourages us not to neglect the experience of the Resurrection ourselves as we seek to defend it’s truthfulness to an unbelieving world.

Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday! Christ is risen indeed!


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