Why Theology?

Why the study of theology is important.

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“Just have faith” “Don’t you trust God?” “You just need to believe”

These statements and so many more have been plaguing the Christian church, at least the western American Christian church. Many people in the church equivocate the studying of theology with a lack of trust, all the while failing to understand that our most important doctrines and beliefs held by Christians have been made sense of due to those studying it. Those with an immature understanding of theology and what it is view theology as a lack of faith in God, as unimportant, and as unnecessary, however Robert Velarde (MA, Southern Evangelical Seminary) had this comment to make on theology, “Theology, in fact, is extremely relevant, practical, uniting, spiritual and knowable. Through it we learn truths about God, His Son, our individual and collective human predicament, the nature of salvation and much more. Understood properly, theology equips us with…

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