Worthy by Beautiful Eulogy: Album Review


Worthy by Beautiful Eulogy is an amazing album full of worship, creativity, depth and beauty!

In the intro, “Weight,” Odd Thomas encourages us to have an eternal perspective on life and not to lose heart. The next track, “If,” is a powerful song that reminds me of the story of Job. It creatively plays on the word “if” and what it can mean to believers. “Sovereign” has a chilling track backing lyrics that exhort us to rest in God’s sovereign control.

My personal favorite on the album is “Doxology,” which is perhaps their most worshipful song to date. It’s simply beautiful with Latifa Alattas of Paige CXVI singing the doxology as the chorus. “Overture” is a signature instrumental keeping in line with their previous albums.

“Messiah” is a very convicting song about how we make little messiahs out of the things in this world and has Citizens singing the chorus. At the end of the song, Odd Thomas prays a sobering prayer over the listener: that the joy of knowing the true Messiah would be the greatest desire of our hearts.

In “Mosaic,” Braille raps from the heart on both of the verses and Aaron Strumpel provides the chorus. The song “Omnipotent” juxtaposes the weakness of man with the power of God and features Chad Gardner of King’s Kaleidoscope. Another tradition of BE albums is to put a track behind a sermon by Pastor Art Azurdia. This album continues this tradition in “Devotion,” where the concept of faith is powerfully unpacked.

“Slain” is a hard-hitting, fast-paced song sure to please BE fans alike. “Immanuel” is a spoken word by Odd Thomas explaining that God is with us and offers another moment in the album to pause and reflect on the greatness of God. “Worthy” is the final song and is the perfect closer to end the album.

By the end, you can’t help but praise God and join in the chorus that He is worthy of “Wisdom, Power and Praise, Glory, Honor and Strength.”

My Thoughts

Beautiful Eulogy is my favorite rap group of all time, so perhaps I’m biased. But this album is truly phenomenal. The tracks by Courtland Urbano are hauntingly beautiful and the lyrics are on point as always. Here are some of my favorite lines:

“If I have You I can lose everything and still consider it gain.”

“Is life a game of chess? Do You have these kings in check? With so much evil how can we believe You’re good? But I finally understood when I saw that Man nailed to wood.”

“I will offer a sacrifice of praise, I know it’s gonna cost me. The cost is not greater than the cross where You bought me.”

“We blame the lies outside of us, but it’s the lie that lies inside that captures the depth of desires and false messiahs.”

“There’s nothing worth keeping if it’s keeping us from Jesus. In our weakness is where the Gospel meets us: the beauty of redemption revealed in broken pieces.”

“The Author of all creation cursed upon the tree that He Himself spoke into being.”

“You make footstools of fools and galaxies Your rings.”

And I could go on and on!

The guest appearances all fit well within the album and the tracks by Courtland Urbano are some of his best work in my opinion. Each song has something unique about it and contains the same depth of theology that you would expect from BE. It’s too early for me to say that this is their best album, but I can already say that Worthy is equal to their previous releases because of its sound theology and breathtaking tracks.

Although like their other albums, this one is free for download, I encourage you to buy it on iTunes! You will not be disappointed. Check it out here:


God is worthy!


What are your thoughts? Comment below!

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